Activate a ONE Retail card

Why do I need to activate my ONE Retail Card? 

The card you purchased at the store will not work until it is activated by scanning the QR code on the packaging or visiting, providing the required information, and applying for a ONE account. 

The ONE Retail Card is not a gift card. By activating your ONE Retail Card, you are applying to open a ONE account, and you may be eligible for:

  • No monthly fees1
  • Up to 5.00% annual percentage yield (APY) on your Savings
  • Payday up to 2 days early
  • Overdraft protection up to $200
  • Cash Rewards from top merchants. See for additional details
  • Free subsequent deposits at Walmart locations

How do I activate the ONE Retail Card I purchased at Walmart? 

Start the activation process for your newly purchased ONE Retail Card by scanning the QR code located on the card packaging or by visiting

What is needed to activate my ONE Retail Card? 

You must be at least 18 years old. When you apply, you will need to provide your full legal name, U.S. physical address, date of birth, Social Security number, mobile phone number, email address, and possibly a copy of your government-issued photo identification or a utility bill. If we are not able to verify some of your information, or if you are under 18 years old, your card will still be activated for Limited-use, and you can spend the money from your initial deposit.

What if I already have a ONE account and purchased a ONE Retail Card?

Because we only support one open ONE account at a time, the card you purchased will be deactivated after you go through the activation process, and the balance will be added to your existing ONE account. You will see the amount reflected in your Checking balance. As a courtesy, we will issue a one-time credit to cover the cost of the $1 purchase price to your Checking balance.

If we are unable to offer you an account, and you have existing ONE Retail Card(s) that are activated for Limited-use, your new ONE Retail Card will be activated separately. You can access the balances of your multiple Limited-use ONE Retail Cards from “Chat” on your Profile page.

I received a notification that my card was activated for Limited-use. 

This generally occurs if we aren’t able to verify some of the information that you provided in your account application. Your ONE Retail Card will be activated for Limited-use, and you can use it to spend your initial deposit. You can also download the ONE app to view your balance, see your transactions, and manage the safety features of your card, like freezing or unfreezing your card or changing your PIN. Because we are not able to offer you a full account, you are not eligible for any APY on Savings. You will not be able to add additional money to your card. To learn more, please read your Deposit Account Agreement.


1. For ONE Retail Cards purchased at an in-store retail location, a $5 ONE Retail Card Fee will be applied 15 days after purchase and then every month until you apply for a ONE account, are approved, and make an additional deposit.

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