Spending with a ONE Retail Card activated for Limited-use

Where can I use my Limited-use ONE card? 

You can use your Limited-use ONE card to make purchases within the United States wherever Mastercard is accepted. Limited-use cards cannot be used for cash withdrawals at any register or ATM, money orders, jewelry wholesalers, or gambling transactions. To learn more, please read your Deposit Account Agreement.

Are there limitations on a ONE Retail Card activated for Limited-use?

The following features are not available with Limited-use:

  • Funds will not earn any interest or Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
  • Funds are not eligible for FDIC insurance
  • Rewards, bonuses, or promotions of any kind
  • Deposits (one-time or recurring) beyond the initial amount of money added at purchase (including the inability to set up direct deposit and mobile check deposit)
  • Cash withdrawals, either through ATM or through Withdraw Cash at Walmart
  • Creating pockets
  • Savings pocket
  • Round-ups
  • A permanent card
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Monthly statements
  • Digital wallet access

Please see the Deposit Account Agreement for a full list of restrictions

Are there fees associated with my Limited Use ONE card?

There is a $3 ONE Retail Card Purchase Fee to purchase a ONE Retail Card at Walmart in addition to a one-time 3% load fee. As a Limited Use ONE retail card holder, your account will be charged a $5 Retail Card Fee starting 10 days after card purchase and each month thereafter.

To learn more, please read our Deposit Account Agreement

What happens if I lose my Limited-use ONE card?

Limited-use ONE cards cannot be replaced, and there is no way to replace any remaining balance on the card. Keep your ONE card in a safe place and treat your card like cash.

I want to dispute a transaction on my Limited-use ONE card; what do I do?

Please work directly with the merchant associated with the purchase you are disputing to reach a resolution. 

I have not been able to open a ONE account and have purchased multiple ONE Retail Cards.

If we are not able to offer you a full ONE account, but you have multiple active ONE Retail Cards in Limited-use, we will only show the balance of your most recently activated card in the app or on the website. You will need to go through the activation process for each card.

You can check the balance for your other cards from “Chat” on your Profile page.

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