Depositing cash

Where can I deposit cash?

You can deposit cash fee-free into your ONE account at any Walmart cashier, Customer Service desk, or Money Center location in the United States.

If you don’t have your physical card, you can deposit cash using your ONE app-generated barcode at any Money Center or Customer Service Desk at Walmart.

These services are not available at Sam’s Club locations or international Walmart locations outside the United States.

How do I deposit cash with my ONE debit card at Walmart?

  • Take your ONE debit card to any Walmart Money Center, cashier, or Customer Service Desk
  • Let the Walmart Associate know that you would like to deposit cash into your ONE account, along with the deposit amount
  • The Walmart Associate will prompt you to insert your ONE debit card and enter your PIN in the register’s PIN pad
  • Hand your cash to the Walmart Associate and confirm the amount you are depositing in the register’s PIN pad

Once the transaction has been completed, your funds will immediately be available in your Checking balance.

How do I deposit cash using my ONE app at Walmart?

If you do not have your physical card and want to deposit cash at a Walmart store, you can create a barcode from within your ONE app to be used for deposit. To create a cash deposit barcode, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your ONE account
  • Tap on to access Cash Control
  • Tap on Add Money
  • Select Deposit Cash
  • A barcode will be generated that you will take to a Walmart Customer Service or a MoneyCenter Associate
  • Let the Walmart Associate know how much you would like to deposit
  • The Walmart Associate will scan your barcode and confirm the amount you are depositing

Once approved, you will hand the Walmart associate your cash, and the funds will be immediately deposited into your chosen pocket

Is there a limit to how much cash I can deposit?

You can deposit a minimum of $1.00 up to a maximum of $999.00 for each transaction but can not exceed $3,000 in cash deposits for the day.

Are there any fees to deposit cash into my ONE account?

No, there are no fees for depositing cash into your ONE account.

Can I deposit cash into my ONE account using an ATM?

At this time, cash deposits are only available at Walmart stores.

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