Using Mail a Check to make a payment

How do I use Mail a Check? 

  • Sign in to your ONE account
  • Tap Move Money from your Checking tab
  • Select Mail a check
  • Enter the recipient’s name as it should appear on the check
  • Enter the recipient’s USPS-verified address and select Continue
    • If the USPS-verified address is not correct, please check the address you entered and try again. We are only able to mail checks to addresses that are verifiable by USPS
  • Enter the dollar amount of the check and select Continue
  • You have the option to enter the memo you want to be printed on the check
  • Confirm the information

Once confirmed, the funds for the check will be immediately withdrawn from your Checking balance. The check will be mailed on your behalf and should arrive within 5-7 business days

Is there a fee to send a Mail a Check?

Mail a check is free for Direct Deposit Customers. If you do not receive eligible direct deposits to your ONE account, you will be charged a $3 fee for each Mail a check you send.

To view your Direct Deposit status:

  • Tap on Frameprofile.png to access your Profile
  • View Direct Deposit Customer

Who can I pay with Mail a Check?

You can use Mail a Check to create a check for any person(s) or business with a United States or U.S. territory address verifiable by the USPS.

What pockets can I Mail a Check from?

You can only Mail a Check from funds available in your Checking balance.

How do I Mail a Check to my own address that’s made payable to someone else?

If you need a check made payable to a specific party but mailed to you so you can include it with paperwork or hand-deliver the item, fill in the payee line during the check creation process as follows: 
Payee Name, C/O Your Name
For the full address, enter your own address. 

How long is the check valid?

Checks sent through Mail a Check expire after 180 days if not cashed or deposited, though they have “Void after 90 days” printed on them to encourage recipients to deposit their check. When a check expires, the money for the check is automatically deposited back to the sender's Checking balance. If someone attempts to deposit a check that is older than 180 days, it will be returned and the recipient may be charged a fee by their bank.

Can I track or expedite the shipping of my check?

No. Checks will arrive to the recipient in 5-7 business days and cannot be expedited. All checks are sent by USPS First Class Mail, and tracking numbers aren’t available.

How do I view the status of a check I mailed?

  • Sign in to your ONE account
  • Navigate to the recent transactions on the Checking tab
  • Tap or click on the check you want to view
  • Within the transaction details, you’ll find the following information:
    • Payee name
    • Address the check was mailed to
    • Estimated arrival date
    • Check status
    • The memo printed on the check

It's been longer than the timeline I was given for my check to be delivered, and the check still has not arrived. What can I do?

Please reach out to Customer Service to initiate the stop payment process.

How do I place a stop payment on a check I sent? 

As long as the check has not been cashed, we can place a stop payment. Keep in mind that requesting a stop payment on a check doesn't prevent the check from being delivered. Please let the recipient know that the check has been stopped and that the check will not be honored if they attempt to deposit it.

Can I send a check internationally?

No, checks can only be sent to addresses within the United States or U.S. territories that are verifiable by the USPS.

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