Cash Rewards

What are Cash Rewards?

Earn cash back on some of your favorite brands when you shop with your ONE card.

How can I earn Cash Rewards?

No additional steps are required to earn Cash Rewards if you have an approved ONE account. Make a qualifying purchase at a participating merchant, and you will automatically earn cash back.

What offers are available?

To see Offers, ensure that you're on the latest version of the ONE app.

When do rewards appear in my account?

After your qualifying purchase at a participating merchant clears, your Cash Rewards will be automatically added to your Primary Savings pocket.

How do I view the cash back I have earned from Cash Rewards?

To view your earned Cash Rewards, go to your transactions in your Primary Savings pocket. You will be able to view all deposits (including Cash Rewards) made to your Primary Savings pocket.

By tapping on Cash back in the One-ups section of your balance tab, you can view all of your cash back transactions as well as historical data for your savings with cash back for the week, month, or calendar year.

How much Cash Rewards can I earn?

There is no cap on the amount you can earn with Cash Rewards, however, offers vary for particular brands (or merchants). See the Cash Rewards Program Terms for more information.

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