3% Cash Back at Walmart

How can I qualify for 3% cash back at Walmart?

In order to begin earning 3% Cash Back at Walmart, at the time your eligible purchase settles, you must either;

  • Be a Direct Deposit Customer by maintaining at least $500 of eligible direct deposits each month
  • Have a total account balance of $5,000 or more

To view your Direct Deposit status:

  • Tap on Frameprofile.png to access your Profile
  • View Direct Deposit Customer

Eligible purchases at U.S. Walmart locations and on Walmart.com that are made with your ONE debit card will earn 3% Cash Back, up to $50 per year.  

If you are currently or have previously participated in a Promotion that offers cash back on purchases at Walmart, you will become eligible to participate in the 3% Cash Back at Walmart Promotion beginning one year from the date you began participating in the previous Promotion that offered cash back on purchases at Walmart.  See Promotions Terms and Conditions for further details.

How much cash back can I earn at Walmart?

You will earn 3% cash back on qualifying purchases made with your ONE card at Walmart (in-store and online). You can receive up to $50 in cash back every 12 months.

What purchases qualify for cash back rewards?

Most purchases at Walmart are eligible for cash back. Purchases excluded from earning cash back include, but are not limited to: lottery tickets, MoneyCenter transactions, foreign transactions, gift cards, purchases from third-party vendors within Walmart, and purchases that include cash back at point of sale.

When do rewards appear in my account?

Cash back is credited to your Savings pocket when the qualifying transaction posts to your account. By selecting Cash back in the One-ups section of your balance tab, you can view all of your cash back transactions as well as historical data for your savings with cash back for the week, month, or calendar year.

 Additionally, you’ll receive a push notification when you earn cash back.

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