There is fraud on my account; what do I do?

If you see any unauthorized transactions on your account, immediately mark your card as Lost or Stolen from the ONE app. We will send you a replacement card within 7-10 days, which has a new card number, expiration date, and security code.  You can use your temporary virtual card available in the ONE app until you receive your physical card in the mail.

How do I file a dispute?

If a transaction is still pending, please wait until it posts to submit a dispute. To file a dispute, please chat with us from the profile section in the ONE app at any time or call us at +1 (855) 830-6200 between 9 AM and 9 PM ET.

We'll ask you to provide the following information to help us process your request as quickly as possible:

  • Reason for the dispute: Multiple transactions of the same dispute type can be submitted together, however, if there are multiple reasons, you will need to file a separate dispute for each.
  • Disputed transaction(s) date
  • Disputed transaction(s) amount
  • Merchant(s) 
  • Any additional information you are able to provide about the transaction.

We may ask you to send us documents or records of the transaction to support your case. To get a head start, please  be prepared to send any documentation such as emails, letters, invoices, receipts, contracts, or any other documents you think would be helpful in the dispute investigation.

What does the dispute process look like?

After a dispute has been received, we determine eligibility for provisional credits based on the type of transactions being disputed and the reason for the dispute. The dispute process can take up to 3-4 months, however, if your dispute is eligible for provisional credit we'll credit your account in 10 business days (or 20 business days for new accounts). Provisional credits may be returned or adjusted after your dispute is finalized.

Our support team will reach out to you via email if they need more information or documentation to process the dispute.

Once all required information has been received, the support team will investigate the case which may include filing chargebacks with the merchant. The merchant can take up to 45 days to respond once a chargeback is filed. 

Our support team will review responses from merchants and make a decision based on documentation returned by the merchant along with information from your account and transaction history. The overall resolution process may take up to 3-4 months depending on transaction type and dispute reason.  

Can I check the status of a dispute?

Our support team will reach out to you via email when there is an update on your dispute. Remember that you may not receive a response for up to 10 business days (or 20 business days for new accounts) from the date that your dispute was filed. 

If you have any questions please chat with us from the profile section in the ONE app at any time.

Note: transaction errors reported to ONE via phone or physical mail within 60 days from the statement date receive regulatory protections.  By submitting a dispute, you confirm that the information provided is true and correct and that you are an authorized signer on this account.

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