Direct Deposit Benefits

Who is a Direct Deposit Customer?

As defined in your Deposit Account Agreement, you are considered a Direct Deposit Customer if you receive $500 or more in eligible direct deposits per month.

Once you receive $500 or more in eligible direct deposits in a calendar month, you’ll unlock the following benefits for the remainder of that month as well as the following month. 

Additionally, you qualify for certain Direct Deposit Customer Benefits when you have a total daily account balance of $5,000+. See chart below.

After setting up your direct deposit, you can check your Direct Deposit Customer status from your profile in-app.

Direct Deposit Customer Benefits

  All Customers Direct Deposit Customer Other Eligibility Options
5.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on total Savings balance1   Also available with $5,000+ total daily account balance
3% Cash Back at Walmart2   Also available with $5,000+ total daily account balance
Overdraft Protection3    
Free cash withdrawals at 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs4    
Free cardless withdrawals at Walmart locations    
5.00% APY on Pay Autosave1    
Get paid up to 2 days early5    

Cash back at some of your favorite brands

Put your savings on autopilot with Round-ups    
Free cash deposits at Walmart locations    
Free cash withdrawals at Walmart locations with your debit card    

What does ONE consider an eligible direct deposit?

At ONE, we consider many forms of income as direct deposits. 

A direct deposit can be:

  • Paychecks from an employer
  • Even Instapay payments
  • Spark Driver earnings
  • Social security income
  • Government salary
  • Recurring government payments such as annuities 
  • Retirement payments 
  • Unemployment payments 

Direct deposits are not transfers made from one personal account to another. 

What happens if I stop my direct deposit?

If you lose your Direct Deposit Customer status, you’ll no longer receive Direct Deposit Customer benefits.

1. 5.00% APY on Savings
5.00% annual percentage yield (APY) applies to the primary Savings pocket and custom pockets of customers who either (i) received $500 or more of eligible direct deposits in the previous month or (ii) have a total daily account balance of $5,000 or more. Customers can also earn 5.00% APY on Pay Autosave and Even Save balances. In all instances 5.00% APY is limited to a total Savings balance of up to $250,000.
All other Savings balances will earn 1.00% APY. APYs are as of 8/25/2023, but may change at any time before or after account opening. Fees may reduce earning on this account

2. 3% Cash Back at Walmart
To receive 3% cash back at the time of purchase, you must either (a) be a Direct Deposit Customer or (b) have maintained a total account balance of $5,000 or more at the time your eligible purchase settles. 3% cash back is limited to up to $50 per year and applies only to purchases made at U.S. Walmart locations and on  This promotion may not be combined with other ONE promotions that offer cash back on purchases at Walmart.  Terms Apply.

3. Overdraft Protection
With eligible direct deposits totaling at least $500 in the previous 31 days. Must be 18 or older to receive overdraft protection. Overdraft balance is due right away. Transactions eligible for overdraft protection are determined by ONE. See details.

4. No ONE fees
The following ONE fees are waived for Direct Deposit customers.  Customers may still incur fees charged by third-parties (e.g. out of network ATM fees).  Allpoint Network ATM transactions are fee-free for accounts with eligible direct deposits totaling at least $500 in the previous month; otherwise, a $3 fee will apply.  Transactions at ATMs outside of the Allpoint Network are subject to fees. 

5. Get Paid Up To 2 Days Early
Direct deposit may be available up to 2 days in advance but depends on when your employer sends paycheck data.

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