One-tap Offers

What are One-tap offers?

One-tap offers are limited time offers you can activate in order to receive cash back. Only one One-tap offer can be activated at a time. Once you activate a One-tap offer, that offer needs to be active when the transaction made with your ONE Debit Card fully settles in order to receive cash back in Savings.  

How do I activate an One-tap offer?

To activate one of our One-tap offers, follow these steps:

  1. Select Checking from the ONE app
  2. Select Offers
  3. Under One-tap offers you can swipe to see our current One-tap offers
  4. Select Activate to activate the offer you would like to use

To deactivate your current One-tap offer, you can simply select another One-tap offer or tap Deactivate from within your current offer.

How do I know if my transaction has settled before I activate another offer?

You can see your transaction has settled when the transaction is no longer marked as pending in your Checking activity. 

What offers are available?

Your ONE account is updated with new offers regularly. See Cash Rewards Terms for details.

When do One-tap offer rewards appear in my account?

After your qualifying purchase at a participating merchant clears, your One-tap offer Cash Rewards will be automatically added to your Primary Savings pocket.

You can review your earned rewards anytime by going to your transactions in your Primary Savings pocket. You will be able to view all deposits (including One-tap offer Cash Rewards) made to your Primary Savings pocket.

How much cash back can I earn from a One-tap offer?

You can view the terms of each One-tap offer within the offer itself by tapping on the offer and reviewing the offer details.

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