What are Round-ups?

Round-ups are an easy way to save every time you use your ONE debit card. When turned on, every card transaction you make is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference is transferred from Spend into your Savings Pocket. If the transaction doesn’t have any change, a full dollar will be transferred. Round-ups happen when card transactions post to your account and will be transferred to your Savings Pocket at the end of each day in a single transaction for all of that day's Round-ups. 

How do I turn Round-ups on or off?

You can easily enable or disable Round-ups at any time from within your ONE app.

  • Open and log in to the ONE app 
  • Tap on the Save tab icon Save_-_32px.png in the lower right corner 
  • Select your Savings Pocket from the Save tab
  • Tap the Edit in the upper right corner to access your Pocket settings

Turn on/off Round-up by tapping the toggle

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