Overdraft Protection

Do you offer Overdraft Protection? What is Overdraft?

Yes, ONE offers Overdraft Protection up to $200 to customers with at least $500 in eligible direct deposits within the previous 31 days. Overdraft Protection helps cover your purchases and kicks in when a transaction takes you below a $0.00 balance in Spend.

There are no fees or interest charged to use Overdraft Protection but any spent Overdraft Protection is due right away and will automatically be paid back the next time money is deposited into Spend. You can also repay the amount by transferring money to Spend.

The offering of Overdraft Protection and which transactions will be covered by Overdraft Protection is up to the discretion of ONE. Overdraft Protection will not cover transfers initiated through the ONE app or website. 

How can I get Overdraft Protection?

All direct deposit customers with eligible direct deposits totaling at least $500 in the previous 31 days are eligible for Overdraft Protection.

If eligible, Overdraft Protection will automatically be turned on for your account. 

You can turn it off by following these steps:

  • Tap the Framecard.png icon
  • Select Overdraft Protection
  • Toggle the button OFF

If you want to use this feature in the future, repeat these steps and toggle the button ON. Your specific Overdraft Protection limit will be listed when you turn it on.

Is there an Overdraft limit?

Overdraft Protection can range from $10 to $200, depending on various factors, including but not limited to the amount of your direct deposits and the consistency of direct deposits received into your ONE account.  We cannot increase your Overdraft Protection limit at your request. 

To locate your current Overdraft Protection limit, tap the Framecard.png icon from your Spend tab. From the menu items, you will see the option to toggle your Overdraft Protection ON and OFF, which is where your personal limit is displayed.

If you no longer receive qualifying direct deposits to your ONE account, Overdraft Protection will no longer be available for use until you again meet the eligibility requirements of eligible direct deposits of $500 or more in the previous 31 days. 


Read the full terms of Overdraft Protection in our Deposit Account Agreement.


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