Pockets and tabs

What are pockets and tabs?

The Checking tab is connected to your ONE debit card and is for paying bills and making purchases. 

The Savings tab is where you find your primary Savings pocket, custom savings pockets, and Pay Autosave (if enrolled). This is the place to keep and grow your Savings!

What are Savings pockets?

Savings pockets are where your money is stored within your Savings Tab. When you create your account, you get one Primary Savings pocket. Additionally, you can create up to 3 custom Savings pockets to help organize your money. You can also set up a Pay Autosave pocket.

Do my Savings pockets earn interest?

Yes. You can earn 5.00% APY on up to $250,000 of Savings balances by either receiving at least $500 in eligible direct deposits each month or having a total daily account balance of $5,000 or more. All customers earn 5.00% APY on Pay Autosave and Even Save balances (up to $250,000).  In all instances 5.00% APY is limited to an aggregate Savings balance of up to $250,000. All other Savings balances will earn 1.00% APY. APYs are as of 8/25/2023, and may change at any time before or after account opening.

Interest on all Savings balances accrues daily and is credited to your ONE account monthly.
Check out our support article Interest Rate (Annual Percentage Yield, APY) for additional information about interest calculations and APY.

How many custom Savings pockets can I create?

You can have up to 3 custom pockets. 

How do I use custom Savings pockets?

Custom Savings pockets are free to create and offer an easy way to manage your money. You can create a new (or rename) custom Savings pocket for a specific savings goal and move money instantly between pockets to better organize and budget.

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