Mobile check deposit

How do I deposit a check?

This article is intended for ONE customers who currently have access to mobile check deposit.

  • Sign in to the ONE app 
  • Tap on Add Money
  • Select Deposit checks
  • Enter the amount of the check by tapping on $0.00
  • Tap on Deposit To to choose the pocket to deposit the check 
  • Tap on Front image and Back image and follow the instructions to take pictures of the check you are depositing
    • If you have trouble taking pictures of the check that are accepted by the app, try the following:
      • Center the check on a solid dark surface
      • Make sure you have plenty of light
      • Make sure the entirety of  the check is pictured within the frame on the screen
  • Tap Submit

You may be taken to a screen with information describing potential issues with your check. If you feel your check is properly written, endorsed, and is an approved check type you may submit as is. Otherwise, please return to the previous screen and correct any errors.

You will receive an email as soon as your check is successfully submitted for review, but your pending deposit will not display in your app until after it has been accepted and can occasionally take up to 1 business day after being accepted to appear. Funds are made available 4 business days after the deposit appears in your account.

Can I mail in a check for deposit?

We are not able to accept check deposits by mail, even if they are outside of your mobile check deposit limits. Any checks mailed to ONE or Coastal Community Bank will not be processed or deposited and will be returned to sender.

What are the check deposit limits?

Below are our mobile check deposit limits. These limits cannot be increased. 

  • Daily total and per check: $2,000
  • Weekly: $5,000 (rolling 7-day period)
  • Monthly: $10,000 (rolling 30-day period)
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