Using your ONE card

Why was my card declined?

If your transaction is declined, be sure to check the following: 

  • You have enough money in your Checking balance to cover the transaction
  • You have not frozen your ONE card 
  • Your ONE debit card is activated
  • The same home address listed on your ONE account is what you are using for any billing information you are providing to the merchant 
  • The transaction does not exceed the $5,000 daily spending limit on ONE cards 

If the transaction is still declined after confirming these details, please contact Customer Service.

Can I use my card at a hotel?

Yes, you can use your ONE debit card at hotels. Remember that hotels may hold money on your account for “incidentals” that may exceed the amount of your reservation. 

An authorization hold (sometimes called a ‘card authorization’ or ‘preauthorization’) is a hold placed on the available balance in your account to make sure there is enough money to cover what the final charge could be. The hold will be removed when the final transaction is posted to your account, the hold is canceled by the merchant, or the hold expires. If the transaction is not finalized after 14 business days, the hotel hold will expire. 

How does a gas transaction show up in my account?

Gas stations authorize a hold that is often greater than the final cost of the transaction.  Once the transaction is posted, the hold is adjusted to reflect the actual purchase price, and any remaining funds are released back into your account. 

If your card is declined when attempting to pay at the pump, try making the purchase for a specific dollar amount available in your Checking balance with the cashier. 

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