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3.00% APY

As we grow, we are working to simplify our product to create the best experience for our customers. ONE customers who had an account with an Auto-Save balance earn 3.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on Savings and Auto-Save Pockets. 

All other customers earn 1.00%APY on up to $25,000 ($5,000 for non-direct deposit customers) on the combined balance of Savings and custom Pockets.*

*Annual Percentage Yield effective 9/15/2022 and subject to change. 3.00% APY on Savings and Auto-Save for eligible customers with an Auto-Save balance on 7/19/22. 1.00% APY on customer-created Pockets. Effective on balances up to $5,000 or $25,000 with eligible direct deposits totaling at least $500 in the previous 31 days. 

Paycheck Auto-Save 

Paycheck Auto-Save is no longer available. Instead, you can transfer directly to your Savings or custom Pockets. Using “upon direct deposit” to set up recurring transfers, you can recreate a similar experience to Paycheck Auto-Save. 

If you have an Auto-Save Pocket, it will continue to earn interest. If your Auto-Save Pocket had money in it on August 8, 2022, you will earn 3.00% APY on your Auto-Save and Savings Pockets. You won’t be able to add more money to Auto-Save, however, you can add money to Savings whenever you like.


Round-ups work similarly to Card Auto-Save. If you turn on Round-ups, purchases made with your ONE card are rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference or “change” is deposited into Savings.

Send a Check

The Send a Check feature is temporarily unavailable at this time. We are working behind the scenes to improve this feature and will be sure to let our customers know once it has been updated and released for use.

For legacy ONE customers that were able to utilize this feature before its temporary removal, you may find the following information helpful:

Check the status of a Send a Check

  • Sign in to your ONE account
  • Navigate to the Pocket from which you sent the check
  • Find the check on the Activity page of the Pocket 
  • Tap or click on the check you want to view
  • Within the transaction details, you will find the following information:
    • Payee name
    • Address the check was mailed to
    • Estimated arrival date
    • Check status
    • Name of the Pocket
    • Memo printed on the check
    • Notes printed on the check

Requesting a Stop Payment

Please contact our Customer Service team if you need to place a Stop Payment on a check. We will verify which check you need to stop, and, if uncashed, start the process. Typically it takes a full business day to complete the Stop Payment process, including returning funds to your account. 

Shared Pockets

Legacy ONE customers were previously able to share Pockets with other ONE customers. Customers are no longer able to invite others to share a Pocket, but any currently shared Pockets will remain shared until the Pocket owner changes the share settings.  

When the Pocket owner stops sharing a Pocket, the funds will remain in the Pocket, and the Pocket owner will be the sole owner of the funds. The other party they were sharing the Pocket with will no longer have access to the Pocket or funds associated.

Card Assignment

Your physical ONE debit card will now only be assigned to the Spend Pocket of your ONE account. The ability to assign your card to Savings or custom Pockets or any shared Pockets has been removed.  

You do have the ability to use the individual account and routing numbers for each Pocket to make ACH payments where accepted.

Virtual Cards

In addition to each custom Pocket having its own account number, Legacy ONE customers were able to create a per custom Pocket virtual card number. This feature will no longer be available for customers. Virtual cards that were previously created will remain active until they are deleted, or the card expires. Once the card has been deleted or expired a new card can not be created.  Each Pocket will continue to have per-Pocket routing and account numbers available for making payments or transfers. 

Pocket Lock

Legacy One customers previously had the ability to use our Pocket Lock feature to protect a Pocket from any ACH transactions pulling funds from the locked Pocket. This feature has been ended and is no longer available for use.  

If there is a specific merchant that you no longer wish to deduct funds from your Pockets, ONE has the ability to block a specific routing number from debiting funds from your account. Remember that once this routing number is blocked, any merchant that uses that same routing number will also be blocked from deducting funds from your account. Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Pocket Protector

Pocket Protector allowed customers to utilize their Spend Pocket as Overdraft Protection for other Pockets. If the funds were not present to cover a purchase or payment in a custom Pocket, it would pull the funds from the Spend Pocket to cover the difference. This feature has been discontinued, but Overdraft Protection is still available for customers with qualifying direct deposit at ONE.

Overdraft Protection kicks in when a transaction takes you below a $0.00 balance in your Spend Pocket and helps cover your purchases. Your Overdraft balance will automatically be paid back the next time money is deposited into your Spend Pocket.

All direct deposit customers who receive $500 or more a month in eligible direct deposits are eligible for Overdraft Protection. Overdraft Protection can range from $10 to $200, depending on various factors, including but not limited to the total dollar amount and consistency of the direct deposits to your ONE account.  If you no longer receive direct deposits to your ONE account, this feature will be removed.

Pay Anyone

Pay Anyone allowed customers to send ACH payments to any person or business using the recipient’s account and routing number. This feature is no longer available for use.  

Customers can still share funds in currently shared Pockets and transfer funds to those shared custom Pockets from within their account. You can also provide your account and routing number to billers that accept ACH payments.  Linking your account to third-party services such as Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, etc., can also allow you to send funds to non-ONE customers.

Credit Manager

Credit Manager provided customers with their credit score from their home page within the ONE app. This feature is no longer available. You will need to contact credit bureaus for any information regarding your credit or credit score.


There are no fees for having a ONE account, but you may now experience a fee when using an ATM or replacing your ONE card. You can read more about these in our account agreement

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